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Great idea's you have here. i do find your website very interesting compared to the other's I have come across.

Gorgeous, I love everything I've seen from Moomah. Hope to visit one day!

perfect timing...we just lost our first tooth here...and that big kid tooth has already moved right on in! i love the idea of the day i lost my tooth journal...


this is a great idea! my little brother recently lost his first tooth and he now keeps track of which teeth are wobbily and ready to fall out. he thinks its so fun!

Good site! I think I can introduce you to a better one!

Ooh, that would be nice. That's a fun little activity between parent and child when that first tooth comes loose.

I'm fond of telling Tooth Fairy stories to my nephews and nieces. This Tooth Fairy Kit would be a wonderful present for the kids this New Year. Who drew the story board? Moomah also?

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