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I love this, it looks such fun!

I think that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

Do they have adult size suits, I could use one for myself. I freeze in the winter.

oh i want one for all of us :)

OMG! I wish my son was young enough to still allow me to dress him! That is BEYOND CUTE!

Sooo cute! Where can we buy these in the US?

I think if you contact them directly they will ship to you anywhere.

Oh, those are adorable!!

BabySeal is available in Birkiland, http://www.birkiland.com/en/categories/design/the-babyseal.

Birkiland is an e-commerce store, specializing with Icelandic Design.

with greetings from Iceland,

Birkiland's crew

Baby Seal in Birkiland:

With greetings from Iceland,

Birkiland's crew,


I love these bracelets--so whimsical and colorful. Are they your own design? I would love to see some sort of tutorial...they look like they would be super fun to make!!

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