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I just ordered the red Livie+Luca for my son....really looking forward to receive them.

I love red shoes : it's so cute !!!

La Gamine de Marseille

I'm obsessed w/ red sandals for my 3 year old. She's had Salt Water these past two seasons so I think I'll try those Little Monkey Toes woven ones this year. Thank you so much! They are a good price, too!

Great pictures! We're all tired of being cold, spring can't come soon enough!

Ceramics: SF04119 is the base of a tiny ceramic vessel with a stamp on the underside. It is possibly from the east of Gaul. SF03192 is a ceramic rim sherd of mortaria. It is stamped ARINV and this may mean it is from the workshop of Marinus from Verulamium and dates to around 80-125AD.

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