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Love this!
Yes, your idea sounds perfect.
Link for Hendrick Kerstens not working.
Have a great weekend!

Stefano Azzario did the girl with a pearl earring for Vogue Bambini about a year or so ago. Might be on his website but I haven't checked. Just remember it.

Azario with one Z I think ;)

Thanks- link is fixed. I checked out the reference, but he doesn't have it up on his site.

I found the photos.
go to portfolios, then editorials...the pic is 23 out of 25. And really lovely.
I'd love to do a shoot like this. I live right on the border of the Netherlands too!

There is a new story in Milk Magazine this month by Trine Sondergaard that is pretty as well.

I would be interested in shooting it, but I would love to modernize it, instead of being so literal...

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