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I was really impressed by the website, such fun!

The website and the clothes are adorable but I ordered a bunch of stuff and let me tell you returning things is a NIGHTMARE. The size 2 runs pretty small and a lot of shirts/sweaters are cropped which I just don't dig on a boy. Maybe layered on a girl. But, they don't do exchanges. You have to return the item and then order it again. You must return the item to France as they don't have a US warehouse and the communication between UPS and France is pathetic. I wasted many hours going to the UPS store and fielding emails and calls from UPS and customer service saying that I was missing a customs form, etc. etc. Without going into details, I'll just say order at your own risk. It's a shame because the sheriff pajamas are ridiculous. I ended up keeping them even though they will probably fit for about a day.

Thank you! It is always good to hear peoples personal experience.

i ♥ Fay Coat: Girls' wool blend coat
..and these rubber boots are super cool!

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