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The combination of the colors & fabrics is amazing !! I like it !!

Every item is unique and I can just see my 5 year old letting her individual style shine through!


LOVE the styling here. I am gaga over that sweet house jumper, and those red trousers are just awesome. This is what childhood should look like.


I love that each item is so unique yet simple in it's own way.

I love the vintage feel!

Love the simple classic shapes to the pieces, they definately take me back to my childhood!

So ridiculously cute. I love the easygoing feel and the photography is gorgeous. And the models are pretty sweet too.

gravityletsyoudown (at) gmail (dot) com

I really love that she has used fabrics with lots of texture. The color choices and details in pockets are so cute.

The models are cute too, I spy her pretty daughter and True from Cakies.


i LOOOVE misha lulu. The creativity and quality of all the pieces are outstanding.
And the photography is beautiful and whimsical and so inspiring.


I love the original drawings Misha Lulu always includes in their designs. The children aren't just wearing clothes they're wearing pieces of art.


whats not to love about misha lula... its all kinds of vintage yumminess with gorgeous designs that make you think or a time gone by.... just the right amount of miss matched patterns that kids love (and mummas too)...

the photography is whimsical and dreamy and im just so in love with every piece from the collection! please please pick me... rowe x

I am a huge Misha Lulu fan!

I love the modern interpretation of vintage designs and themes.

- Amber x

Love the collection!

I love there clothes!!! We have several of there pieces and love how they wear and wash!

I love this collection, I girls would fight over this outfit! Oh, so cute!!

I love the clothes..my daughter has a few pieces..its what I wish I would have worn when I was a kid..whimsical and cool!


I love the photography and the entire feel of the website!

sarahthom74 (at) hotmail (dot)com

I love the fabrics always. Love that its not all pink! And those cool kids listening to the records. too cute.


Misha Lulu is so magical and reminds me of being a young girl and playing pretend.

Each piece says so much!

I just love the collection and everything Misha Lulu makes:)

Such a nostalgic vintage look without feeling contrived.
Looks so easy to wear, i wish it came in my size

cinti (at) mypoppet (dot) com.au

the clothes are timeless, colorful, and have details that little girls love.

rsfannin (at) gmail (dot) com

I absolutely adore Misha Lulu. My Ivy needs this outfit! :)

stephanie.precourt (at) gmail.com

I admire how they use trims and details that, if used badly, would look shabby and homemade. But they do it so well that each item looks like a piece of art instead. Incredible.


I love how the loose cut of the clothes make them a comfortable wear while the fabrics, accessories, and details make them truly beautiful pieces.


My daughter loves the misha girl! We love this brand because the clothes are fun, innocent, easy to wear and wash well...plus the USA label! The brand inspires me to want to sew!

My daughter loves the super soft fabrics used and the bright bold colors always complement her skin tone and bring out her big blue eyes!

I love the photos of LOS ANGELES!!!! Boohoo!!! I miss my hometown. I'm really diggin the peter pan collar dresses, colored tights, and cowboy boots. The little girl with the short bangs and cropped hair is super cute. I want that haircut. Super cute!

These are clothes both my daughter and I can agree on. I love the little red riding hood collection. It is inspired, not too precious and it captures the whimsy of childhood.

Misha Lulu sees the childhood just like me: full of colour, fun, fantasy and comfort, everything that a child needs to be happy.

Love Misha Lulu. reminds me the clothes that I used to wear growin up in Latin America brings me all the memories, My daughter loves misha Lulu as much I do. love the pics.


I like the retro feel of the clothes and that they let a little girl look like a little girl. Misha Lulu is one of our favorites!

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