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That is a really lovely dress if only i didn't look like a lady in a sack when I wear a sack dress I'd buy the adult size one!!

This dress is gorgeous!

You can see that the dress is incredibly high quality. love it!

The dress is a dream!

Such an amazing dress! Love the design!

lisa_vander_vliet at hotmail dot com

I love this dress - and the photo too! So full of life!

The little girls collection is great!Love the silhouettes and stripes, but the women's collection is totally swoon worthy. So fluid and luxurious!

This is my favorite type of children's clothing style.

How adorable! I love the tunic and the girl's cardigan!


It's all so sweet and classic.

The dress design is great and merino wool is luxurious.

Beautiful dress, love the collection!

The merino dress is gorgeous, love the stripes of the collection.

love it!

I love the photography on this site. The cool greys fit well for winter. I love their contemporary simple styles.

The Fall Collection is beautiful!! All of the pieces epitomize stylish coziness. Thanks!

So comfy in that.

Love the collection. Gorgeous yet perfect for everyday. Very tempted by the red striped top..

Love the collection! Very classic. lori[at]simply-edgy[dot]com

beautiful collection! modern, sophisticated color palette and shapes!


Perfect for my little girl!

I'm inspired that they make beautiful clothes and that they also think how these beautiful clothes can benefit other people.
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Absolutely adorable!!!

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