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It looks so soft and cute, but also very practical!


I love this outfit by Opus because it is very basic and yet it has a lot of character. It looks very comfy but it also has a sturdy look. Intelligent clean design with an edge!

I love the Nordic feel of this cute outfit. The creamy white with the pop of red just reminds me of Swedish and Norwegian culture. It's super sweet, but stylish unlike some other onesies!

love this adorable, yet modern look! my baby boy needs this:)

Love this plaid edging. I just found out we're having a b so I'd love this!

(If I have to pick just one thing...) I would have to say the clean modern look. I love everything about it, though!

I like this outfit because it is simple, practical (armored knees!), adorable, and unisex. It could even be easily silkscreened, appliqued, or embroidered, since it's not fussy to start with.

love this! simple yet cute! :) love the leggings :)

Great give away!
I like the big hoodie and the whole look is so cool and crisp.
I can really see my little boy in there...
Fingers crossed xxx

I love the simplicity of the outfit, the contrast and pop of red on the hood, and the multiple textures.

I love this outfit because to be honest I'm quite tired of baby blue. It also looks like it could be worn through a few seasons, especially if purchased a size or two up since it looks nice and snug. A roll or two on the sleeves and legs in the fall would last me throught the spring, and the hood is great with the plaid trim! Adorable patched legs too :)

my munchkin would rock this twin set!

This is a beautiful outfit by Opus!
This baby looks so cozy and at home.

I love the picture! Can grown men really be that hairless naturally? I really have no idea.

Anyway, I don't need a hooded onesie and armored pants but the reason this is so awesome is because we all wish we could slip into something that looks this soft like in the winter.

If I win this which I am sure I won't you can have it sent to my dear friend who is having a baby. Her email is naninekatya@yahoo.com.

i love how it looks so comfortable yet stylish.

I love that it's so simple and good for boys and girls - and the plaid is a great touch.

I love that it looks so comfy and that it's just slightly left of center. Perfect.

I love that it's organic! No chemicals and pesticides next to baby's skin.

i love it most for what it isn't...covered in puppies or pink or flowers...it's is simply beautiful.

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