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I love the grey tights with the cargo skirt. it looks cozy and chic for fall.

the big, big pockets on the coats are perfect!

I love the dresses made of college fabric. And of course that lovely hat! =D

All the clothes are so adorable! I really love the hoodie dress.

i absolutely love the structered grey dress. it's perfect!

I love the muted colors in the collection. They make the outfits seem to grown up!

the clothing is so modern and stylish! love the pink dress! the hat is also fab!

the pink smock dress is amazing!

oh my, oh my-the colors, the pockets, the high collars-it's all AMAZING! absolutely beautiful (and so refreshing to see little girl clothes that look so grown up in the best possible way)!

I love the little apron/shirt with the pockets- so appropriate for little collectors!

What a darling line. I'm partial to the liberty print items. That little girl is so precious!

What a great giveaway! The collection is adorable-I love the smock shirts and big pockets!

I love the tunic shape in both the dresses and tops but my fav would have to be the little apron.... just precious! Wonderful all around.

Very sweet clothes. Girly but not too girly, which is perfect.

Darling, a perfect reflection of imagination into clothing!

so many beautiful pieces to choose from...but my favourite would have to be the black dress with the print bow on the back!

I love the dress with the High Neck and the Hoodie Dress and the Black Jacket.

i love all your dress with flowers :)))

Wow- it's a toss up between the hooded sweatshirt dress (Can i get one too?) and those gorgeous floral blouses...

I think my favorites were the sweatshirt dresses. They looked so comfy. I know my little ones would probably pick the pink dress. Which also really cute. Thanks!

The purple pink dress - what a great color! Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

my favorite line of clothing this fall! i love how the clothing is sophisticated yet maintains a child-like sensibility. my favorites are the corduroy big pocket dress and the ribbon neck dresses.

So hip yet you can still see the playfulness and innocence!

I love the color palette and the floral touch! Very sophisticated yet girly at the same time.
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

I love everything in the collection. It's so stylish and looks pratical too!

i love everything about this collection! specially the ads!

love the grey dress that's getting two thumbs up!

I simply love the chosen libertyprint and the hat. great style!

I think the entire collection is fabulous ... and I think my daughter would love all of the pieces too. Clean, stylish, modern designs in classic pretty and robust fabrics. That's it.
Modern classics girls will love. I know I do!

The new collection was so cool. Clean, edgy, so nice! :)

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