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i love the design. looks soft and classic. what i really like is the animal. because i nurture one rabbit and three birds at home :)


I love all the different patterns on each piece and the colours.

Love all the birds and the fantastic tree!

The squirrel and the tree stump... fantastic! I love the imagination that is inspired by having forest critters on a bedroom wall!


I love the colours and the vintage style designs! They are delightful!

What a stunning collection. Love the ease of decals and their ability to instantly and (temporarily) transform a room.


I think wall stickers have the potential to be tacky, but these are wonderful! I love them.

mcanary at gmail

I love the woodland theme :-)

I love how childlike and elegant they look, at the same time!

I love how whimsical, simple and elegant they are. Fabulous.

Beautiful and I love that they're not cartoon like at all.

Oh my goodness, what's not to love! So whimsical!

Perfect timing...I am putting together my sons nursery (he is due in 6 weeks!) and I would love to add one of these colorful decals to his now-empty walls!

perfect for my Suy. Divine

The simplicity rocks.

These are gorgeous, generous size, beautiful colours! I especially love the birds! X

i love the saturated colors it makes for such a magical feel!

i love the colors!

I can so picture these animals in the wide hall between our boys' rooms.

captures the whimsy of childhood in the natural world!

Oh beautiful! My sewing studio is has the perfect wall for this.

I love that these products will let my daughter decorate her room herself, impermanently and attractively! The perfect way to satisfy both of us!

I love the simplicity- the lack of structure with ow you might use them in your space is nice too.


Those wall stickers are gorgeous! I love the forest animal theme and how they look like they were cut out from fabric.


What I love about these designs is the soft colors -- and that there are so many different birds. I love birds!

They are adorable I love the design and colors!

This would look so great in my little sun room!

If that wouldn't make someone want to live in the forest - what would?

I love the soft colors and the vintage look of the stickers.

Beautiful and unique designs...love them!

I love the soft color palet and how adorable they are!!!!

i overheard our daughter tell my husband the other day, "daddy let's go outside and hug a tree."
she would love to create a forest wonderland with mae wall stickers!

Love that they are perfect for a boy or a girl and that they are not overly done with details. lsumida@yahoo.com

I love the simplicity

These are beautiful critters.
So cool that they are fabric and reusable and can come up and down.

The birds...it has to be the birds

So cool they are reusable too

So Beautiful! I love the fact that my daughter would love them. :)

I think one of the things I like best about Mae is that I know the town they come from (in fact, my sister is a good friend of one of the designers); and I am so excited and pleased for them to have made such a massive splash in the design and interior (not to mention blog) world, yet they live in a teeny little village in a smallish town.

Their designs are sweet and cute, yet suitable for all ages, and very modern with a nostalgic twist.

Simply lovely. Fingers crossed.

I love the Owl. Very sweet.

Whimsical and sweet. My girls would love to arrange these!


I love everything about them- the sweet little animals with the vintage patterns? Perfect in my daughter's orange foresty bedroom!

I love the colors and realness of the animals. I would love these in my girls room!!!

These would look so beautiful on my classroom wall!

I adore the idea of doing a child's room in a woodland theme. Not only is it darling, but there are lovely connections to many children's books, such as the Winnie the Pooh books, The Velveteen Rabbit, books by Beatrix Potter, and many more. I am in love!

I love the detail and the whimsy of these stickers...just wonderful!


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