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What a gem! We would love for her to come and live with us!!

She is so special in her handmade-with-love-and-care goodness. The quality of everything just shines through.

Oh. my. goodness. EVERYTHING is special about her. Her beautiful face, her funky hat, her gorgeous hair, her outfit- and she is wearing my favourite ever Stenzo print so I am sure that means something ;)

I'd love to win Camille, she is adorable. Her shoes are fantastic! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway :)

Camille is special because Berrie makes each of her dolls with amazing care and love. Any child (or adult!) would be insanely lucky to have such a marvelous creation.

eidolons AT gmail DOT com

Berrie makes the best dolls.

i love berrie's dolls! this one is special because of her colors - beautiful blues, reds and pinks... gorgeous!!

She's lovely!!! All of Berrie's dolls are lovely!!!

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Wow Berries work is amazing!

This doll is special simply because she was made by Berrie. She takes such great care with everything that she makes. Camille is such a fabulous little lady.

I agree with other comments. Her use of color is amazing! I would love to bring this little gal home to my girls! j2niehaus(at)yahoo(dot)com

Berrie's dolls are just beautiful !
Camille is so cute with her red hair . Berrie's sence for color combination is just fantastic.
Everything goes so well together!
Just gorgeous!!! :0)

You can see the Love and attention to detail! She is a work of art that my family would LOVE!

She radiates love, warmth and happiness!

This doll is absolutely beautiful with her bright colors & lovely curly locks! Fabulous attention to detail! She will be a life-long treasure to the lucky child!

Oh My!! Everything about this doll is special. i love Wladorf doll and the use of natural materials. i really love the colors on this one, she reminds me of a gentle ladybug. i know my daughter would adore her if we were lucky enough to win.

Thank you for the chance!


oh, what a cutie! look at her little nose! and her shoes! she looks like she got dressed in my girls closet, with the hot pink and florals and polka dots everywhere! what a lovely wee doll! whoever wins is so lucky!

I love Moonchild's things. I have been eyeing her little purse dolls for over a year. I love the energy that comes from handmade things. You can feel the love that went into making everything. You just can't get that with mass marketed items.

She is the perfect doll from her pretty hair that you can style to her adorable shoes, both of my daughter's would love to have her.


oh my,, she is lovely! what isn't special about her?! Her hair is fantastic. My daughter would love her.

I love the style of her clothes and how they match doll's design.

How sweet! It would be a wonderful gift go give my new neice!


ALL of Berrie's creations are special! She has a knack for color and she puts her fabric together so wonderfully. This doll is very special due to her gorgeous outfit. We would love to have her at our house!

She is gorgeous! But not surprised at all because she is a Moonchild! Love this magazine too!

Cutie patootie!!! :)

You can see the time and love that went into making her. Love Berrie's dolls.

She is just amazing!! We would ove to give her a home with us...I have two lttle girls that would adore her!!


berrie's dolls are all so very special=) she is special because berrie was kind enough to make her for a giveaway! thanks, berrie <3

I love this doll, everything about her is special! Her dress is particularly beautiful. I would love to win her for one of my daughters!

Gorgeous Berrie, just gorgeouss! I love her feet. Little feet make me smile!

For me the most special thing about her is her natural materials and the holding of the child's warmth. The world has too much coldness in it's children's toys. What a beautiful job! creativitywoods at yahoo dot com

Camille's warmth beams from her and one can only love and hug her :-)

She's precious - my daughter would love, love her !

Berrie's dolls are each so special! Camille will be a best friend for a special little one ... I hope in our family :)

vanslotm at hotmail dot com

I think the face is what makes it so special!
juliekimble AT yahoo DOT com

What a beautiful little doll for little hands!

She is so beautiful! Handmade dolls are so special. I love her brightly colored clothes and the red/brown curly hair.

I've been following Berries blog for a long time, and have now *happily* subscribed to your gorgeous-feast-for-the-eyes blog and magazine!
We would love to welcome her into our home!

I think this doll is special because she looks magical, any little one to get this doll is sure to love her and have many adventures! I absolutely love her outfit too!!!

There's something special about her face-I can see my kids wanting to tell her secrets!!

Dolls aren't just for little girls, my big girls think she's adorable, too, and so do I!

She's really adorable, she'd be a nice addition for our doll families.

Oh, I LOVE dolls. My sister and I have a HUGE collection of almost 200. Big dolls, small dolls, paper dolls- WE LOVE DOLLS!

I love how her dolls are made with such love and attention! So unique and so adorable!

I love all about this doll! Berrie's work is fantastic. I would love to welcome this little one in my home! She would come to a very, very special place!

She has a very calming face, like she'd listen to secrets, problems, jokes and anything a little girl would need from her dollie.

I just LOVE Berrie's work!!

Just adorable dolls!

She looks like she's got a secret and is ready to tell it to you! Her clothes are adorable as well.

We are in love. Berrie's dolls are so beautifully crafted.

She is special because she's handmade with natural "ingredients" =)
snowsunset at yahoo dot com

We would love a Waldorf doll. I love them all, but can't afford them. She is lovely and we home she will come live with us. wendy@scotinus.com

How adorable. Bernie's dolls are so beautiful and crafted with so much love!

She is special because she is a "Moonchild" beauty. The colours are outstanding.

She is special from the top of her hat to the tips of her toes! Berrie puts so much love in her dolls that it shines through when you see them! We would love for her to come here to be a forever friend to Willow Grace! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway! flutterby1972@msn.com

She is so cute!!!! jalon1@telus.net

I would love to win her for my granddaughter! hows1@telus.net

Beautiful!! Thanks doing this!

My daughter would be so excited..

She is adorable and Berry's things are so well made!

This doll is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I love her clothes-what they are made out of, how they are made, and how they look, but my favorite part of her is her HAIR! GORGEOUS! My girls and I would love to win! :)

This is what a doll should be like.
Cuddly soft and so sweet, that you could imagine the berrie smells in the air around it :)
So huggable...
Thank you for such a lovely chance.


she is soooo beautiful!!!!

This doll is just so unique looking and the clothes are exquisite!

Berrie's dolls are all so special and this one is no exception!

I love the simplicity of her sweet face! :)

She's a beautiful doll - my son would love her!! I especially like that she is crafted with eco-friendliness in mind :)

Priceless. My daughters would treasure her.

I think that there are so many things that make her special, just like any Waldorf doll. My favorite though are her awesome shoes and fun spunky little outfit. And as the mama to 2 beautiful little curly haired girls I always love seeing other curly haired cuties.


I think the craftsmanship is amazing. Berrie pays incredible attention to detail. The fabrics she chooses for her dolls work so well together, she has a very artistic eye! We would love for this doll to make her way to our house.

What a wonderful doll. She would be such a welcome addition to my Waldorf home care. The children would make her a lovely home.

This doll is so beautiful. Thank you!!!

We own one Moonchild Doll and would love to have another for our other daughter! If I don't win, I might just have to order one! :)

Oops! email is kelticladybug (at) yahoo (dot) com

Huge fan of handmade dolls, especially any toy that does not involve plastic and batteries! I would be honored to own a moonchild doll :)

She is so cute! I love her hat and whimsical clothes. I also love the fact that I don't have to worry about a little one finding it and sticking it in their mouth.

She is so special because of the love put into making her. Plus she is just plain lovely.

Handmade goodness makes this doll extra special! She's sweet from top to toes :)

She is special because she was made by hand, totally one-of-a-kind, and has such beautiful details!

I'd love to win her for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!

Precious doll! Perfectly dressed for the Fall!

Love her dolls, this would be our first.

Berrie puts so much love and care in to her dolls, and that is what makes them special. A handmade doll, made by a person you can actually speak to, made of natural materials and filled with the love of its creator is the best kind of doll ever!

She is so pretty I love her hair and hat, and her shoes look like real shoes.

Been following Berrie for a long time :) Her dolls are impeccably made with amazing details :) Thanks for the chance!!

I love everything about this doll...everything! Love her outfit, her size, her hair, her face, and all there is to her. Berrie does the most amazing work I have ever seen!

These dolls are precious:) I would love to have one!

She is special! She looks like she will bring much love to someone special

What lovely dolls. I just know my daughter would love playing with this doll for many years to come. It is important to have simple toys so that children can let their imagination run wild.

Berry is amazing and the care she takes with her dolls is amazing. Every last detail is thought of!

Your dolls are always so adorable! They look so cuddly!

I love all the detail on her and her adorable face.

Camille is so beautiful! We would be thrilled if we won her! Berrie's Moonchild dolls are so gorgeous!

Beautiful end of summer colors! I love waldorf dolls!

What I think is special about this doll is that the maker put extra love and care into her!

I love her dolls! I love that it's all natural and handmade.

beautifulsunsetlife at yahoo dot com

The look of the doll is so sweet,friendly and original. The materials used are so soft in appearance and I would just love to give one of these beautiful dolls to my niece who takes such good care of her dolls.She would really give this doll a great life.

Every moonchild is special! No two can be alike. Every doll is special!

She is every girls best friend. Always there to comfort and play. Jill

She is just gorgeous! Someone is going to be very lucky!!

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