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These are adorable!! Perfect for the lake.

All of the patterns are wonderful. I especially love the black and white and the chambray! These are perfect for Farmer's Market browsing, outdoor concert going and lazy lake days with three unruly dogs!

these are perfect! my girls would rock them :)

Very sweet. Would love one for my gal.

i love these!

I love the way that they tie behind the neck- very flattering for the summer do!

love!! the perfect hat!

This makes for the perfect compromise with my ever-so-picky six year old!

Wonderful hat! Love the colors and patterns!

If I don't win, I'm gonna buy one anyway! But I'd prefer to win.

Love these - what a great design. Dear random.org please pick me!

I looove Christen's work, it is so adorable and practical at the same time!

cute hats! i love the chambray :)

so cute... would love one for my gal.

lovely work!! these visors are just perfect! i would love a red polka dot one for my daughter. i should probably get one for myself as well, so i don't end up constantly borrowing hers.

I love these visors - they would be great for either of my girls.

WANT one! These are so cute!!!
And if my daughter won't wear it (she sometimes is a bit strange when it comes to clothes) I WOULD! These are so cute! I think I like the dark denim ones best ... but they are all awsome!

ulli-xox [at] web [de]

Oh I want one for me!! GORGEOUS!

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