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It is sad :( Good job doing what you are doing - There are lots of us still out here, but it has to be on the internet not in store fronts now. That is good in a way because it really opens the way for moms who want to stay home with their kids to create and work from home! People are turning against what is mass produced also to an extent and realizing they need things that are beautiful and personal in their lives...

So so excited to see Clover Deli in the bunch. I live across the street from Clover and love having a long-standing family business right in the neighborhood. Plus, their iced coffee is the best in NYC.

beautiful pictures

We don’t see this kind of small business often nowadays. Too bad that our future generation won’t have the chance to experience the joy that these stalls have brought us. If one will open such business by any chance, maybe it will result to a better outcome, and the industry, somehow, will be revived.

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