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The uk website Pedlars has some great vintage American kids school desks from the 50's/ 60's too. In the vintage section on their website www.pedlars.co.uk
£175 each which does seem a bit steep!

ce mobilier pour enfant est magnifique.

Nice pieces of furniture, but they're more like disco than vintage.

LOL wow the pokadot looking trashcan chair is totally sweet! It actually has a very contemporary look to it that's very innovative and modern at the same time. I think a child would have to be very mature at heart to sit calmly in one of those haha :-P

I think that these chairs are great! The polka dot is my favorate! I think that is would be perfect for a smaller space.

Wow the pokadot looking trashcan chair is totally sweet!

This is cool for the kids in their rooms! They looked so cute and very sweet!

Prior to the modernist design movement there was an emphasis on furniture as ornament, the length of time a piece took to create was often a measure of its value and desirability. During the first half of the 20th Century a new philosophy emerged shifting the emphasis to function and accessibility. Western design generally, whether architectural or design of furniture had for millennia sought to convey an idea of lineage, a connection with tradition and history.

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These are great looking vintage kid's chairs but I like the yellow one the most, so vibrant :)

We also have a beautiful collection of kids chairs:

Those chairs are awesome and cute indeed. What I like most is the polka dot chair the design is unique. Thank you so much for sharing this in here.

That's really a unique chairs. I like to share this.

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