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Organic tee - Princess and the Pe a Natural for my little girl
julieadore at gmail . com

My baby girl (I should give birth very very soon) would look sssoooo adorable in the organic snapsuit - birds and flowers yellow.

The perfect spring dress would also look super with leggings and a little cardigan (it is still pretty cold outside)!

clo_wn at hotmail .com

the toolbox red shirts are just great for my little boy. Love it

I'd love the jump rope dresses for my daughter!

Since mine will be wee this summer just the Organic Birds and Flowers Yellow Snapsuit will suit her on a bright sunny day.

All of the dress are super cute.
I would dress my little girl in the Pink Double Dutch Dress with some tights.
Love the design and those pockets would be so important for my little one:)


I have a boy and a girl that would love either one of these!

If I had to pick a favorite for my daughter, it would be the Double Dutch Dress - Cartwheel Pink.

Favorite for my son, definitely the pirate ship T.


Winter Water Factory knows kids!! My son would flip over every single one of their shirts. I love the airplane tee! Would love to enter for the boys. Thanks!

love the double dutch dress in cartwheel pink for my girlie! she would be ecstatic!! or the robots pomegranate for my son.

love everything! can i enter in both categories? if i had to choose a category it would be for girls:)

mrscheribrown at gmail dot com

my little girl would look super in that green construction onesie!

My daughter is dying for warmer weather so she can dress in something pretty. If it were up to me I'd love the Jump Rope Dress in June Leaf Navy but she would flip over the Double Dutch Dress in Cartwheel Pink. Its all about the pretty in our house right now!

I would love to dress my little boy Cohen in that ship shirt with his skinny jeans and tennis shoes!

I would pair the danish flowers dress with some capri leggings, bright red clogs and french braids.

love it for my little Suy!

Pom. robots for the girl and the boy would love all of the machine tees (he was a dump truck this Halloween and plans to be a clam shell crane this year!).

So hard to find cute boy clothes.

All of the prints, boy and girl, are fabulous! I think my son would especially like the train and firetruck t-shirts, but I think the high seas tee is truly eye-catching.

I love all the t-shirts. My boy is a newborn but when he gets a little older I'd love to put him in the ship T above, the anteater T or the tool T--they are all great!

Well, these are incredibly fun and inspired modern prints for kiddos!
So refreshing, especially for the boys.
I remember checking out Winter Water Factory years ago at a tradeshow, and didn't realize you'd evolved into the kid's circuit. Lovely.

This beautiful blue flower dress would be perfect for our 2 year old Maya!! It's the perfect dress to wear when she meets her baby brother or sister who will be born at the beginning of June :)
She could wear it with an orange bandana on her head and cute orange sandals! I love that combo!
Fun designs!! Just like Maya!

this dress would look perfect with my little girls new chucks.
i love the prints!

My little guy would love the high seas high collar shirt!

I would love the little tee. My boy owuld wear it with his bonds pants and desert boots

The dress is adorable. My baby is too small now but next summer would be perfect with red water sandals and yellow sunhat.

What a great style, the ship tee would work perfectly with woolen grey pants and small converse shoes.

I would love this t-shirt for my son! I would pair it with some plaid shorts and my son's favorite native shoes :)

Thanks!!- tagyouritbykari(at)gmail(dot)com

my son would totally rock the high seas shirt with some skinny jeans and chuka boots.

my boy zane would love the toolbox shirt...his one obsession!

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