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Difficult to be original in what's getting to be an overcrowded market in my humble opinion...
I always enjoy the illustrators you choose to feature, the way you select and group together toys + the book feature and the photography of course. The problem is a lot of online mags seem to use the same 'in' photographers, so maybe really look for unknown talent rather than well established but everywhere??? I have discovered some wonderful artists and photographers via your blog and mag. I love your inspiration posts and I also enjoy reading about the craft scene when you attend tradeshows and craft fairs.
Hope that helps?

I think you do a great job, and should keep up the good work. Also, it's worth mentioning the LMNOP and Papier Mache are both excellent Australian publications. There are more publications popping up, but as far as I'm concerned, Small is the best mag of its type currently produced in the US. The illustrators and handmade toys you feature are top-notch. Your photographers do an excellent job, and if there are more mags starting up that look like yours, you should take that as a testament to the high quality of your own project. Imitation is, after all, the most sincere form of flattery. Forge on, I say. Onward and upward.

Small magazine is one of my favourite magazines and I look forward to your upcoming issue.

Ipshita Chatterjee

Oh gosh you do deserve a rest don't blame you at all! Hope you've enjoyed some time off.

I love small so much it's hard to think of any improvements. I suppose the only thing that would improve it for me is to have retail features in photography where they're sometimes illustrated. I do love illustrated works so I don't want to see them go, just used on other items rather than for example, clothing for sale - purely because I want to be able to see things like how the fabric hangs, or the detail of haberdashery.

I like the idea above of using different sorts of photographers but I don't know what sort of a look they would create. Maybe something a bit less subdued - with a bit more of a *pop* as far as colour and direction go?

I don't know, it's all good anyway and goodness yes do take a break sometimes!

I've worked in children's fashion for 13 years and I have seen an explosion in original design and availability over that time.
I think to produce a truly original magazine is now really difficult, the most out there has to be Kidswear but this is a magazine that is produced with little regard to making money.
By default most other magazines suffer from the economic imperative and cannot be so indulgant. There is a bit of a sameness I feel now creeping in whether online or paper, there are some delightful magazines and features in them but the shock of the new has gone and children's world has become as design orientated as the adult one.
Your focus on illustration and the hand made does mark you out as different and should be kept.
I look foreward to seeing any new innovations you come up with.

This is AMAZING feedback! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us what you think! We will take ALL into consideration for sure while working on the next issue and again, THANK YOU!

Keep the feedback coming....

christine & olivia

One of the things that sets Small (or at least the Smaller blog) apart from the other online blogs and mags (Bloesem, Pirouette, LMNOP, etc.) is that you feature art and photography that is not necessarily related to the kids fashion world. If you were to feature more along those lines (in addition to the kidstuff), you might find a whole new audience. The art I discover by reading mags such as Art News or Art in America, etc. is not nearly as cool and inspiring to me as what I discover when I read Smaller.
I love anything that is eclectic - you do a great job of that so just keep it up.

These are all interesting comments aren't they - I think Ellen's right - your art stance sets you apart from the rest.

Thanks again. It is REALLY great to hear what you think and what you do and don't like...

I agree with some of the other folks, you guys are the best US based online kid fashion magazine. I honestly get giddy when I look in my inbox and it says the next Small magazine is here. I also love that there's something very organic about your magazine. The others are shiny and happy, but yours has heart. I think the only thing I would change is to have clickable links within the pages to the stores. I know they are at the end, but sometimes by the time you get to the end you forget which shop you wanted to check out. Otherwise, brilliant. Thanks and can't wait for Spring 2011.

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