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I would team the dress with black boots and a black zorro mask Amelie-style!

Amelie turns three in April so she would love a SIZE 3!

oh I like this dress, what a great give away...
My daughter would wear it with some black leggings and chucks. A chunky scarf and her lovely Marylin Tov coat.
Size 6 please :)

I adore everything from Nellystella - my daughter would be in the size 8 and would love a dress like this. I love the grey cardi but for some fun I know she'd have to wear a pair of sparkly ballerina flats.

o my goodness-so sweet! black leggings, silver doc martin style boots, and a sparkly headband for my baby girl. she'd be rockin' it in a size 8.

I'd style it with a scarf and sandals

SO pretty! My 3 year old would just love the ruffles. Thinking spring in SoCal...metallic sandals and a colorful cardi! (size 3 please.)

Oh love. I would put this with a mustard yellow cardigan and some knee socks and mary janes or if its cold some skinny jeans under the dress instead. :) (size 3)

Sylvie would love a size 3 and she would most likely have her orange crochet fox hat on with it. And her cowboy boots to. She would sleep in those if I would let her :)

Would love a size 8 for DD. Would wear with a cardi and black leggings and boots. Love this grape color!

My little girl is such the fashionista!! She would rock this dress with a fitted blazer, some chunky jewels, and her knee high leopard boots or lace leggings with leopard/zebra flats!! And of course we would have to top it off with an amazing headband!! Very classy with a little funk! She would wear the size 6 ;)

My daughter (size 3) is a minimalist ; ) so she'd sport some Champagne Salt-Water sandals with this AMAZING dress! Thanks!!

I would add some red boots and black and white striped tights! Size 5 for my niece.
So cute!!!

i would style it with a vintage knit cardigan and knee socks! hoping to get the size 3! thanks!

my daughter mona would look so sweet in this beautiful dress (size 3), freshly picked gold moccoasins and a black long sleeve tee underneath.

Beautiful dress! I would style it with my daughter's black cotton tights that have small violet polka dots and her pair of purple/violet ankle high kickers boots which have a slightly lighter hue than the dress. The black would stand out and contrast the violet colors to bring them out. I would then add Nellystella's rose plaid scarf from the Spring/summer collection and a little pony tail. My daughter is a size 6 :)

Would love it styled ultra preppy with a cardigan, kneesocks, and cute retro mary janes. Adorable! Size 6 for us. :)

We'd do bright green tights and a yellow cardigan for that totally NOW rainbow look. PZ is a size 6.

Lavender tights, fur lined vest, knitted hat with chin strap, plum baby oxford mary janes.

Stripe tights, red high top all stars, white shrug and a little knit teal cap.
Size 3 please..... : )

omg..........i love it. my girl is a size 3, i'd pair it with a black fur bolera and some light grey tights. i'd put some very large bows in her hair too!

i would love it in size 8 and style it with tights and a flowery hair band

Size 6...i love the way this looks with the black leggings. It would be cute to add a fedora with a tweed pattern and a suit jacket with patterned elbow pads!

I would style it with knee socks and mary janes! Too cute! Hope I win! Size 3 please :)

So lovely. And as my daughter is a Nelly, she'd love it even more. To be worn with a mustard yellow cardigan, grey footless tights and black ballet flats. Hang on, I want to wear that!

Size 8, if I'm lucky :)

I love the styling and silhouettes of NellyStella;swooning over her textiles and color story. My daughter would wear the Lauren dress with a tan ruffled cardigan and her gold/beige mary jane spectators. Size 6 please!

I love this- size 6 please! My little girl would wear this with her favorite green froggy rain boots- how stylish is that??!!

Beautiful! I would keep it simple and dress it down, so Miss E can wear it over and over. She would wear it with her hightop black converse, and the mustard hand knit sweater I made for her, with her multi color beret! Size 3 please!
P.S. I am really happy I discovered your blog...I love it!

I would style it with my daughter's ever present cowgirl boots and a crocheted slouchy hat.

forgot to say, size 8 please.

Wow! ordering online here? that's great but I think it's only limited to local only.

Absolutely adore this dress! (have daughter would love this in size 5)

we'd pair it with milkmaid braids, over-sized cardi, black tights and oxfords. size 6 please!

Gold flip-flops and a tiara. Size 6. :)

I love Nelly Stella and this dress is so adorable! I would match it with black cotton tights and some funky boots. Size 3 please!

Oh, What a lovely dress! thank you for this giveaway.
My twins will wear it with grey tights, kaki cardigan and brown desert boots. Size 3 please.

i see this on lila with floral tights and ankle booties. size 3 :)

Nelly Stella knows how do to dresses! Since Spring is around the corner, I would brighten it up with some bright colors. I would pair it with a lighter shade of purple with some bubblegum pink ballet flats. OR I would pair it with an argyle knee high high sock that had either a light apple or lime green, pale lemon yellow, or bubblegum pink in them. In her hair a simple thin hairband-either light pink or purple. There are so many options! Oh and I would need a Size 3 in this gorgeous dress.

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