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Well the advice #266 "At leat try" is one of my favorites and isn't more adequate, at least I'm trying...to win! Thanks I really enjoyed reading those pieces od advice.

Hello! At one point when I was scared to move to a big city... someone told me... "you can make it small". It just stuck with me and I believe it to be so true for anything!

#260 Sometimes you just have to cry it out... so true.

Love all the good stuff you're pointing us to lately (my kiddo LOVED Bunnyears.tv) and this is no exception. What a lovely book! I plan on buying it anyway but hey, why not try to win a couple of copies?

My fave:

#23 When frustrating things happen, keep them in perspective.

It's easy to let frustration over small inconveniences and minor affronts mutate into anger towards others and a general dissatisfaction with life. If you can learn to manage this natural tendency you will possess a broad sense of well being and superior mental and physical health.

# 250 Hold the door open. It's just a small way to do something nice. Everyone can do it.
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#240 Make yourself useful.


i like this one
#256 A nickname should be a term of endearment, not an insult.

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#212 Remember that most fairytales were written by men.

I especially like that she wrote, "...these days you slay the dragon yourself."

Prudent Advice inspired my own blog for my daughter (now daughters.) It's not as eloquent as hers, but I hope someday my girls will enjoy knowing their Momma while I was younger and cooler!

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Okay...it isn't life changing but #25 definitely spoke to me. "#25 When growing herbs for cooking, plant the mint in a separate pot or it will wildly take over and crowd all the others out." Why, oh why didn't someone tell me this sooner? I made the mistake of planting mint in my garden a few years back and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. Heed this advice people!

Love your magazine + blog, thank you for sharing such lovely + special things with us every day!

I love #131 You are the wellspring of your own hope.

No one (besides your mother) will be more invested in your emotional well-being than they are in their own. Joy is not something gifted to you by other people; it's an outlook on the world that you have to cultivate independent of friends and lovers. Daughter, if I could give it to you, I would, a million times over, but the truth is that you are singularly responsible for your own happiness.

(Keeping fingers crossed!)

#37 Whole grains and fresh fruit are good choices.

But a cupcake is worth every calorie.

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#234 Be proud of your work.

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