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I just love the patterns and fabric on all the dress. The Virginia Skort has to be the best skort I've ever see and Ava Dress in red looks beautiful, the style of the dress one of my favorites.

SO beautiful! I love all of it! My favorites are probably the Lily indigo dress and red floral virginia skirt. I love the block printed fabric... just lovely.

o goodness...so absolutely gorgeous! i'd have to say my favorite is the red delilah dress. what an amazing collection!

Wow, wow, wow! Stunning!

it is hard to choose but i have narrowed it down to the prilla indigo and the red delilah dress. so beautiful!

Oops, I got so excited I forgot to post my favorite item - I think it would have to be the Neela dress in red. Just so gorgeous, all of these clothes! (you can delete my first comment)

oh, I just love the little bohemian look on little girls.
My fave is Delilah dress.

I love the Lily Smocked dress in Indigo. Such gorgeous things, though! It was hard to choose.

The concept and designs of the brand are simply beautiful. It is great to see designer give back to hte community, somehow it reflects in the clothing too. Its very special for the us mothers to be able to dress our little ones in fashion thats more than just fashion!

Love the designs, wish there were more ethnic options like these for our little ones, and us! It was hard to decide between the Sarah halter top and the Fira Olive dress so I'd have to go with both. Hope that's allowed. =) I just wish I found this earlier in the summer.

Gorgeous line! Love the giveaway! Definitely looking forward to visiting the website for a few purchases!

I love the Virginia skort but my girl would pick any of the dresses any day.

I love every, single piece, but the Rani Ensemble is my favorite. Bookmarked the website...can't wait to see more!

love the prilla dress!

um, everything is amazing! love the Virginia Red Skort...

The clothes are beautifully made and designed, but my favourite thing is the ethos behind them.

so, so beautiful...love the rani ensemble the most...

Love the Virginia skort! Would love to dress my twins in so many different outfits. Beautiful clothes!

Love the Delilah dress!

Hard to choose! My favourite was the Lily Smocked Dress and my six-year old loved the Neela Dress.
A really wonderful collection.

I love the SARAH Olive Halter Top, especially. But the whole collection is great.

I love the Virginia Skort and the Delilah dress is fantastic!

I love the clothing line. It is totally a Crisp and Clean earthy look. Something we love in our Wardrobe. I think my favorite is the Neela dress in Indigo. But I digress over the Delilah dress also.

Beautiful fabrics. My favorite is the Amelia Pant Set, Ochre.

Gorgeous! I love the Delilah Red.

Love the philosophy behind this brand. beautiful clothes!

The Virginia Skort, Red Vase is absolutely wonderful and gorgeous!

Reminds me of the handkerchief dress my Aunt wore.....COOL!

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