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i love those dresses! they look so well made and sweet.
thanks for the giveaway

o my goodness, such beautiful dresses (and an even more beautiful model)! thank you for sharing!

Absolutely gorgeous!
The dresses look so playful and fun :o)
Thank you for a chance at such a beautiful dress.

Oh, the print on that lumi dresso so just beautiful. So many stylish clothes.

I love all her designs! They magically appeal to both mamas and little girls!

Oh Mette! I have loved her shop for so long... and have had her Chelsea dress bookmarked since it came out. I appreciate the simple shapes and graphic modern prints. I'm so glad you're featuring her!

This is just the cutest little dress i ever did see in such a long time. Thank you for sharing xo

The Rosa dress is simply gorgeous and the use of pattern on the Olla dress is perfect! I love them all.

so cute, oh how I miss having "little" girls, good thing I have little Neices!

I love the Chelsea dress- really the black that doesn't encircle the dress is so brilliant.

The design and fit is darling, makes me wish she made them in adult size. Her designs are modern,simple and just perfect for little girls. Not too short,revealing or adult. Love it!

I love how she uses Marimekko cotton :)

Mette designs just keep getting better and better. Creative use of both vintage and current fabric is brilliant.

These dresses should be required-wearing for all little girls! So lovely.
Thanks for having this giveaway!

Love love love Kristen's shop! And what an adorable little model - I especially and enamored with the picture of her jumping off the couch. Too cute!

I just love photographing little girls...puts me in photo heaven - especially when they are wearing beautiful dresses like these by Mette designs....two sons but lovely little nieces :)

Those are amazing dresses. I love Marimekko. This dress is the perfect marriage of fabric design and dress design.

I have been drooling over Mette's etsy shop for months now. Her designs are a beautiful marriage of playful and classy.

My fingers are crossed tight that you pick my mane!

thanks for sharing

What lovely dresses. I love the bold prints and colour choices!

Yay! I won the last one!! Super excited :)

I love the Rosa!


Darling dress. Love those sleeves and the model.

I love the a-lines and Marimekko is a great choice of fabric! Though I do like the Mondrian-type patterned dress.

i have loved your designs for awhile, even before i had a little girl of my own. your choice of fabrics is really classy...

can't wait for my little one to be just a little bit bigger...such beautiful dresses!

Every single piece is truly inspiring!

I love how the simple lines of the dresses give more focus to the bold fabric design.

I love all Mette designs and choice of bold fabrics. Would love it even more if it's free LOl *crosses fingers*

So talented. She is really amazing, this designer is going to go far.

What absolutely lovely modern-design dresses for girls. I especially love lark II and chelsea II.

Beautiful fabrics, beautiful dresses. I'm in love!

Loving the lines of the dresses - fabric choices are fantastic - the model is a delight :) My 3 year old said she wanted to do that...and would LOVE one of those dresses :)

thanks for the chance to win this beautiful dress...

I just ordered one and cannot wait to get my hands on it! I am in love with Mette!

I LOVE mette - longtime fan!! So darling and great fabrics ;)

Marimekko + Mette = Modern Magic!

I love the dress and so would my 3 year old :-)

Love the Nova dress. and I know the perfect little girl who would love this dress!

Mette's dress designs are wonderful! I also love her capelets. I just wish she had some dresses for mommies in her store, too!

Gorgeous dresses! I think the featured dress is my fave though - so striking!!

I absolutely love Mette!! She is one of my favourite designers! Her dresses are always fabulous and flawless!

I love the cap sleeves!

SO cute! Fabulous crisp style.

I LOVE mette!
As the mother of 2 little girls...we need all of those darling dresses!

Perfect usage of vintage fabric for girl dresses… Unique, fun, retro modern, and comfortable all in one! One cannot have enough dresses from Mette!

ok, we ALL love mette ! i bought my daughter a dress by mette for her birthday a few months ago and it's hands down her favorite go to party dress (or to the park or backyard). hoping to win this one too, they're all really special and unique.

These dresses are so beautiful. Love the super modern fit and use of Marimekko fabrics. I plan on ordering one (the olla) for my little girl for an upcoming wedding. It's so hard to find clothes like this for our little ones, thanks mette!

oh, and my email is msuarez919@yahoo.com

oh so beautiful! such a cute design and cute model! i love the design, perfect for a little girl at play or out to a party :) Yeah mette!!

I think you could give mette any fabric (period), modern or not, and she could transform into something with a modern appeal. And the photos mette makes -- there's nothing that beats this one: http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_430xN.159231603.jpg or the image of the children flying.

These dresses come with something more than the kitsch you would generally assign to children; the designs are simple without being overly generalized where fit is concerned; the graphics and photos non-pretentious, a wonderful exemplification of the everyday.

Thanks mette.

I just adore these dresses !! THe a line is beautiful, the fabrics are special.... i would love to see my girl in such a cute outfit !
the silver star dandy.... the rosetta, i love them all !

I think they are Mettestic ;-)

And now.... my fingers crossed bigtime !!

METTE Dresses are adorable, My 18 month old has two! This Black and White one is just as unique as the other ones we have! GORGEOUS! Fabulous Styles and so well made!!

Darling dress. So glad to have found your site! Good luck to all who have entered!

thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway - i appreciate your thoughtful comments + feedback very much! congratulations to ruth! don't forget to forward your contact information + dress size. a big thank you to christine + olivia at small for featuring my work! xo

I would just love a dress this lovely for our Delilah!!

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