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I love the idea of a special doll made with baby clothes - what a great little keepsake! Plus, the whole vintage vibe of her site is inspirational - great stuff!

These dolls are so full of character! I also love the quirky feel it has.

the thing that inspires me most is that she is able to have her own rewarding and creative business and be with her children- how fantastic!

I love how these dolls are so unique!

Each of the doll has their own character. One of kind. Great idea!

Jennie is extremely talented, and her dolls are just beautifully made.

The thought of my child having such a gorgeous, individual keepsake is a beautiful one. All my childhood things are long gone and I so want my kids to have things to appreciate later in their lives.

I love Jennie's work - she is very talented

shes a "doll" just adorable!

I love jennie's dolls, and especially the way she photographs them. She makes every photo perfect for the particular doll, with backdrop and props etc. Love all the vintageness.

I am inspired by Jennie's reuse of materials and then she creates a gorgeous doll totally unique each time, also to be able to paint faces on fabric is amazing too! I love Jen's blog too, such a happy place to visit

I ADORE Jenny's dolls - she just keeps on coming up with clever new ideas for each one (loved the little watch on one of the boy dolls recently!) Have made myself a promise that all the important little girls in my life will receive one for their 5th birthdays.

i am imagining a sweet little boy doll done with a combo of baby clothes and the tie my husband wore in our wedding. so precious!

i love the whole of a little vinatge, the dolls, printed t-shirts and the bunnies, such a creative mind to make each soo unique. what in spired me the most was to find second hand materials, i now look in bootsales and fea markets, u have really opened my mind!!! I've also started drawing new faces and playing about with colour trying new styles...Thankyou for ur inspirations. xxx

oh yes please!!! i would love a boy doll created with a mixture of our baby clothes and jennie's handpicked vintage fabrics!!! divine!

Love the dolls faces, the handpainted faces are just perfect, and I love the way she can custom make dolls to order, imagine having a doll with the same hair and eyes as your child! Keep up the great work J, see you at the Auckland Art & Craft fair this Saturday!

I love the variety and creativity of the dolls she creates. It is so special that they can be made of sentimental fabrics.

Wow, what a brilliant idea. I love everyone of her dolls if I could I would fill my house with them but then I might look a little eccentric.

Jennie will be making me some dolls for Christmas... If i can just choose which of my kids clothes she can cut up... Hehe.

Xo Steph (stephanie(at)moobeardesigns(dot)com(dot)au

lovely lovely dolly ... Jennie is the best!



I love your dolls Jennie and both times we've exhibited together at the markets I've meant to talk to you about some for my girls. This one reminds me of my second daughter so much - it's exactly how I envision she'll look later in life. You've inspired me to go through my Nana's fabrics and crochet and think of new ways to use them for heirlooms for my girls. xo Aimee (aimee@lilypaddesigns.co.nz)

These dolls are fantastic!

Jennie is just the nicest person and her dolls are a gorgeous extension of her!I love the fact they are so smiley!!

Thanks for making dolls that don't look like everything else out there. they are true keepsakes!


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