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The wonderful prints on the fabric!

The gorgeous fabric and the fun feeling of lazy days on the beach.

i adore the vintage feel of the fabric and the simple lines of the dresses-so sweet!

I am a sucker for stripes. And whimsical prints.

The wonder of an aquarium and the carefree feel of a day at the beach wrapped into one!

I am inspired to have them all in my size.


Living on the Gulf coast with oil covered beaches is difficult for the time being and the dress reminds me of how it was just a few months ago and I know that one day my 4 children will be able to swim in the water again!

Ahh, I love LOVED this dress since the first time I saw it. Living in Dominica, it inspires me to get out and take advantage of all the wonderful sea life we have just out our front door!

I love the prints, patch pockets and bloomer-like shorts.

I LOVE the vintagey feel, it inspires me to play dress up with my daughters!

I used to live in Sydney near the ocean but now I am living in Munich where there isn't any. This line is like my 'ocean away from the ocean'!

i really like how the outfits have deep colors paired with a muted or saturated color... lovely.

I love the stripes and polka-dots (my daughter has influenced me here for sure) as well as the waves throughout the fabrics! Thank you so much for this chance!

It's the great designs on the material. What cool fabric!!! I would love to have this dress for my tiny Delilah!

I love the old fashioned feel of both the knit and puffy knicker pants. It makes me want to go back in time a little.

Spending a day at the beach is one of things my family loves to do in summer. I can smell the ocean from the patterns...

I have long loved everything Misha. It is always lovely and full of love, passion, fun and whimsy.

What a lovely collection for this summer!

Its beautiful!!! I love the vintage-y feel of the whole collection. Reminds me of my childhood, makes me so nostalgic!

Awesome prints on fabric

I love the bottoms - I tend to make mostly dresses and tops for my DD, but all those cute shorts and skirts have me inspired :)

These super cute prints are timeless! I want to gather up all these girls and sing songs about fishes on the beach. Love these looks.

I love Misha LuLu! I love the colors shes uses and the fun vibrant fabrics!!!

Little girls & polka dots is always a winning combo. I'd just love to see my daughters face if she got a dress with Octopus on it!

loving the buttons, the pockets & stripes. just darling!

I love the recurring motif of scalloped, stripey waves!

I love the fabric. I love the shape as it is very age appropriate and so sweet. I love that the materials are all natural (cotton/linen).

I love that the clothes are fun,hip, and age appropiate for young girls. Also, loving that there is a size 8!!!!!!Thank you, Thank you! Just sweet outfits....

I love the mix of vintage with the cutest graphics ever. Love this line!

The prints on the fabric just make me think Summer! Wee Hoo Summer!!!!

I love all the small details because they consist of so much beauty and simplicity.

Misha Lulu inspires me joy, a summer windy day, laughing kids, sandy feet... and so many happy hours...

It's all in the details for misha lulu. We've owned some of their pieces before and I was just in love with the little things: buttons, pockets, lace, ribbon. PERFECTION!

I love this line! I think the thing that inspires me the most is the fun pictures on the clothing!

Love the vintage-y beachy fabrics and the appeal for kids. My 4 year old would LOVE a twirly dress with sea creatures.

reminds me of my childhood in california.. sometimes i am sad my children don't know that life.

Gosh this line is absolutely whimsical! I love that the prints look like children's drawings...not too sassy and grown up like other kids' clothes these days. Gorgeous!

I love Misha LuLu, such sweet simplicity!

Love everything about this line. Inspired by all the polka dots and buttons... so cute!

Honestly, I wish I was a 5 yr old again just so I could wear those clothes! I love that retro-ish vibe, the quirky prints and stripes together. And the bloomers! It makes me yearn for some beachside picnics right now. In the PNW we've been rainy and gray for.ever. and these clothes just look like summer. If I can't wear them, maybe my daughter can :D

What inspires me when I see this dress, is taking my family to the beach and relaxing for a nice vacation. I also love how all of the colors blend so well together.

Loving the vintage style with a twist of modern edge to them...the details are breathtaking to the choice of ribbon to the gathered pockets...just wonderful!

Love the look of summer on the dress, the details put on the dress (buttons and pocket)and vintage feel.

I'm inspired by clothing for children that isn't childish, but rather, intended for small humans with big, growing, inquisitive minds. This line is inspiring because it doesn't "dumb down" or "cutesify" what needs cutesifying the least: our beautiful children!

Oooh, this dress makes me want to dive into a big octopussy cuddle with my little fishy-face who's wearing it!

Misha LuLu conveys a real feeling of childhood freedom and happiness.

I love the fabric and the combination of the different fabrics together. So cute!

blue is her favourite colour :)

I love the vintage look; not a prissy princess in sight.

I just love Misha LuLu!!! The different illustrations are my fave part. I adore the Live to Ride shirt with the little girl on the bike. It is just perfect for little ones.

I love that the colors are so sophisticated!

I love the care-free look these clothes have; and yet there's plenty of lovely little details.

I am inspired by the fun and innocense of childhood that are captured in the Misha LuLu line. The comfort and colors are also always very great.

I love the simplicity of all the designs. The fabrics are earthy and inspire all sorts of fun play time.

so fun!

I bought some of Misha Lulu's stuff online! I'm such a fan of this line, love the stripes and uniqueness of the octopus! Such a beautiful choice of fabrics!

I love the look...it's vintage, yet sophisticated...a truly girly, girl all grown up.

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